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Boost Your Immune System Naturally

We have several products available in our office to help feed your immune system so that it can build a strong wall around you and keep the bacteria and viruses out. The products we carry are available only through doctors. Many have found relief with their proper use. They come from two companies, Standard Process and Mediherb.

Standard Process LogoStandard Process started the whole food nutrition approach way back in the 1920’s and has been going strong ever since. Standard Process incorporated Medherb’s herbal product line to complement their whole food approach. Mediherb is the herbal leader on the market and has set the standard for herbal products. Read more about both Mediherb and Standard Process at


Herbal Throat Spray

Herbal Throat SprayFeel that scratchy throat or dry throat coming on?

Mediherb has designed an Herbal Spray that will sooth and refresh your throat while refreshing your breath at the same time.

This proprietary blend contains a mix of 6 herbs to stimulate the flow of saliva, sooth and coat the throat with a protective layer, and maintain health mucosal tissue while influencing the surrounding lymphatic tissues of the throat and supporting healthy immune function.

So when you are getting run down and feel that scratchy throat coming on reach for relief with Mediherb’s Herbal Throat Spray, now available in our clinic.


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